Can stories encourage speaking up at work?

In two recent posts, Speaking anxiety at work and Inclusion and exclusion in teamwork, we’ve reported research findings on the challenges of speaking up at work. A newly published article reports another research angle on the topic: the impact of storytelling on employees’ willingness to speak up.

Global Communication Skills – what are they and how can they be fostered?

A large number of industry reports and academic papers have repeatedly reported that communication skills – and skills related to them (e.g. working in diverse teams) – are highly sought after by employers. Yet at the same time, there are also reports that graduates are not always meeting employers’ expectations in this regard, including in their ability to function well in an increasingly globalising world. So, what is the problem? A newly published study by Dauber and Spencer-Oatey explored the issue by researching which factors affect the development of global communication skills.

Inclusion and exclusion in teamwork

Research into teamwork has frequently identified communication as a key factor affecting success, especially when team members are from diverse backgrounds. Two issues are frequently mentioned: discrepancies in language proficiency and ‘silent’ members who contribute little to group discussions. Blame for these ‘problems’ is typically heaped on the individual(s) concerned, but it’s important to ask how fair this is. A relatively recent longitudinal study offers some fascinating insights.

Healthy work-life boundaries and control of communication

Changes in technology in recent years, combined with the rise in working from home, has led to an important challenge: the task of controlling work-related communication and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This article reviews research evidence for (a) the numerous ways 24/7 connectivity affects employees, and (b) the factors that influence their handling of this challenge. It ends with a set of key takeaways.

Speaking Anxiety at Work: Diversity and Situational Influences

Do you – or your employees – feel anxious or fearful about speaking at work? Are there some situations when it feels more difficult than others? Do factors like gender, age, managerial status, and/or race / ethnicity have an influence? Find out about the latest research on these issues.