Global Fitness Profiler

How ‘globally fit’ is your organisation/unit? Have you checked?

The Global Fitness Profiler was designed and developed at the University of Warwick and is exclusively licensed to GlobalPeople Consulting Ltd.

“The Global Fitness Profiler helped us to systematically and reliably identify our strengths and weaknesses. It allowed us to identify areas needing further development and made us more confident over our team’s future development.e story-based training approach used in GlobalPeople@Work is very appealing and helpful for appreciating the impact of culture on day-to-day encounters in the professional world.”

Chen Xi (Chris) Head of OPPO ColorOS User Experience Center, OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd.

Are you experiencing…

  • Failed post-merger integration?
  • Problematic HQ-subsidiary relations?
  • Unsuccessful international relocations and assignments?
  • Unfruitful (international) contract negotiations?
  • Communication and cooperation difficulties and misunderstandings?
  • Conflicts and disharmony in the workplace?
  • Divisions and factions?
  • Poor inclusion / minimal integration
  • Low levels of innovation/creativity?
  • Frictional loss?

Use our diagnostic tool, the Global Fitness Profiler, to identify your development priorities, so that you can plan strategically, and implement initiatives that will enable you to handle and leverage cultural diversity and deliver better business results.

The Global Fitness Profiler (GFP) is an advanced online tool that explores the three core areas of the Global Fitness Development Cycle:

  • Global Fitness in Practice: the attributes of Global Fitness that need strengthening and putting into practice
  • Global Fitness Engagement: the routines for employees to engage with in order to build and strengthen their Global Fitness
  • Global Fitness Environment: the features of the organisation and host community that help foster Global Fitness

Each of these three areas is probed via a number of component factors. The GFP is modular in design, so that organisations can select the factors that best meet their specific needs. For instance, if there is a particular need around international mobility, elements particularly relevant to this challenge can be selected.

The GFP explores each factor in depth, offering data on the importance that people attach to issues as well as how they actually experience them, thereby providing rich insights that will help build Global Fitness.

The GFP insights are particularly beneficial for addressing the following needs:

  • Measuring and benchmarking an organisation’s level of ‘global readiness’
  • Identifying gaps in organisational provision
  • Enhancing Global Fitness by revealing the areas most in need of support
  • Promoting a sense of well-being and inclusion through understanding employee attitudes and experiences
  • Increasing creativity and innovation through building mutual trust and supportive collaborations among diverse staff
  • Reducing frictional loss through promoting mutual understanding across boundaries (e.g. organisational/regional/cultural/sectoral)
  • Boosting business success through reducing failed assignments and contract negotiations

As our client, you have the opportunity to receive follow-up consultancy and training. See, for example, our e-course GlobalPeople@Work.

For more information about:

  • The design of the diagnostic tool
  • What the feedback report will look like
  • Ways of using the information in the feedback report
  • How you can use the GFP to your organisation’s advantage
  • and more …

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