Our highly experienced team of professionals offer keynotes, masterclasses and interactive workshops on a range of topics related to Global Fitness, including:

“Helen and Peter ran a series of enlightening and insightful sessions for our global community of supply chain professionals. The virtual sessions included a good balance of presentation material and interactive exercises, which together provided not only great food for thought but also some very practical, actionable advice for improving global fitness – an absolute must in our sector which depends so much on effective collaboration and communication across organisations, cultures and continents.”

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Working internationally with Global Fitness

  • Understanding Global Fitness for business
  • Preparing for expatriate assignments
  • Managing post-M&A cultural integration
  • Developing intercultural competence

Leading and managing with Global Fitness

  • Leading with the Interaction Compass
  • Shaping the work environment for Global Fitness
  • Leading global teams

Communicating with Global Fitness

  • Achieving success in virtual communication
  • Communicating effectively and appropriately across cultures
  • Managing multilingual contexts

Collaborating with Global Fitness

  • Managing relations across cultures
  • Building rapport and inclusive relations
  • Understanding and addressing unconscious bias
  • Developing an international team culture

All our talks and keynotes are customised for each client on the basis of a careful needs analysis.

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