GlobalPeople Consulting Ltd. (GPC), a limited company registered in England, is dedicated to building Global Fitness for professional and business success.

What inspires us

We, the founders of GPC, established the company because of our personal experiences — the joys and frustrations, confusion and stimulation — of working in contexts of cultural diversity. If you are facing any such challenges, whether personally, as a group, or as an organisation, we are keen to share the insights that we ourselves have gained over our 60+ combined years of working in these contexts. We want to support you in developing Global Fitness so that you can experience for yourself the tremendous benefits and professional inspiration that come from engaging with and leveraging cultural diversity.

Our principles of working

In all we do, we seek to uphold these principles:

  • Integrity and partnership in our interactions with clients
  • Excellence and value for money in our services
  • Care, consideration and inclusiveness in our internal and external relationships