Our consultancy advice will help you to maximise the benefits of cultural diversity.

Underpinned by our years of research and experiential insights into how individuals, teams and organisations behave in culturally complex contexts, we are able to make strategic and operational recommendations to push ahead organisational, team and individual development and change.

We specialise in the following areas:

Enhancing skills in rapport management – addressing ‘people problems’

Rapport – that is, smooth relations that facilitate information flow and mutual support – is vital both personally and professionally.Using our Rapport Management Profiler and building on Helen’s world-renowned Rapport Management Model, we help you and your staff enhance the rapport you build with colleagues and clients, especially in contexts of cultural diversity.

Leveraging diversity in teams – promoting high performance

There has been much debate on the pros and cons of diverse teams. The key is in how that diversity is managed within the team. Drawing on our research and personal experiences of managing such teams and using our Global Teamworking Profiler (GTP) to gain insights into your specific needs, we help you build high performing teams that can leverage the benefits of cultural diversity. The GTP provides in-depth insights into the functioning of project teams at team level, individual member level, and leadership/management level. We provide consultancy feedback on the basis of the findings. To find out more, please email us.

Leadership and management across borders – dealing with cultural complexity

The challenge of leadership in conditions of cultural complexity is well-known to those working in international management: special skills, attitudes and personal qualities are required in addition to awareness and understanding. After conducting a careful needs analysis and using a mixed approach of workshop and coaching based on the well-known International Profiler tool, we develop people and organisations to meet the challenge of cultural diversity effectively and appropriately.

In all our work, we aim not merely to manage difficulty, risk and complexity; we take contextual and cultural diversity as a space for development and as a resource to create new practice and increase value-added.

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