Our People

Here at GPC we have been training, teaching and researching in the intercultural field for most of our careers. Our disciplinary backgrounds are varied, covering international business, applied linguistics, psychology and intercultural communication. Uniquely in our chosen field, this multidisciplinarity enables us to bring multiple perspectives to the services we offer. We have lived and worked in a range of different countries, and thereby have gained first-hand experience of dealing with cultural and linguistic diversity.

Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey

Co-founder and Director
Professor emeritus at the University of Warwick, UK

I have an interdisciplinary background in psychology, pragmatics, and education.

In addition to strategy development and company management, I lead on the conceptualisation and development of our tools and resources, and provide consultancy research and guest talks/workshops. 

Professor Peter Franklin

Professor at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, DE

I advise the company on strategy, business development and its portfolio of services. I also give keynotes and facilitate workshops.

Dr Dan Spencer

Co-founder and Director

I completed a PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford in 2021.

I lead data collection, analysis and software development, using my numerical and computational skills to drive business insight.

Dr Domna Lazidou

Senior associate

I have a PhD in Culture and Communication from Cranfield School of Management and a professional background in Communication Management, consultancy and training at international level. 

I design and deliver global leader and diverse team coaching and training, conduct qualitative culture research and consult on culture change and on creating more inclusive, effective, multicultural working environments.

We have a network of consultants whom we draw on to support our different projects, including specialists in organisational culture, international business and management, international and intercultural development, employee communication, change and leadership communication in multinational organisations, the psychology of unconscious bias/culture in the mind, intercultural training and design.