Research is an important key to success because issues need to be identified and understood before they can be addressed.

Our commissioned research will provide you with insights into the questions and problems you are facing and into states you have only begun to discern in your complex organisational context. We specialise in researching and analysing all issues associated with working, communicating and relating in culturally diverse situations, such as:

  • Managing relations with a diverse and/or dispersed workforce
  • Handling conflict between head office and subsidiary office teams
  • Fostering organisational competence in the post-Covid, international work-setting

Increasingly such issues are demanding the attention of all managers and leaders and are problems for which context-specific, tailor-made solutions need to be generated.

In our research approach, we draw on our combined 60+ years of expertise in conducting high quality research, using the quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods of the social sciences. We are skilled at designing bespoke analytic tools, including surveys that probe people’s aspirations, expectations and experiences and that reveal the strategically important gaps that people perceive. For in-depth, more nuanced insights, we use interviews, discourse analysis, and other qualitative methods.

Our record of evidence-based research is unique – for a boutique consultancy – in its multidisciplinary approach. International business, applied linguistics, psychology and intercultural communication are the fields in which we demonstrate our expertise in conducting high-quality, applied research, published in internationally renowned scholarly journals and books. Learn more about our key book publications . This solid research base also forms the foundation for our speaking and consulting services, including training and coaching.

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