Building rapport across cultures

Rapport concerns the relationships or connections we have with others and affects our level of satisfaction with them. When rapport is positive, our connections are fruitful and we feel the goals we have for the relationships are being fulfilled. However, rapport is not always easy to achieve, especially in culturally diverse contexts. Here are three particularly helpful mindsets and strategies to adopt.

Skills for a Changing World — Latest Employer Requirements

A recent Hays report says: “In 2021, employers will need to continue helping their teams develop the skills to deal with the ongoing change and take them into a new era of work.” This GPC Overview reports what skills employers are looking for, summarising the findings from several recent major surveys.

An Alternative to Unconscious Bias: A Rapport Management Approach

In recent years, numerous organisations have been implementing unconscious bias training, with the aim of enhancing diversity and inclusion. This has become particularly important in view of the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet more recently the whole notion of unconscious bias and associated training has been subject to a significant amount of criticism and in December 2020 a UK government minister announced that such training for civil servants in England would be scrapped. What then is the problem with unconscious bias and what kind of training could replace it?

Effective Teamworking — Leveraging Diversity

Many people, especially in international business, have asked this question: Does team diversity promote performance or hinder performance? In this insight piece Helen investigates this question

Bulding Rapport — Key Elements

In many ways, rapport is a slippery term and it’s not always easy to translate into another language. Yet it’s also an important concept, widely referred to in sectors such as healthcare, customer service, and public security. In fact, we all need to build rapport with those around us. So, what is rapport and how can it be managed?