The GlobalPeople@Work e-Course

The engaging, case-based blended e-learning course for succeeding in the global workplace

The GlobalPeople@Work e-Course was designed and developed at the University of Warwick and is exclusively licensed to GlobalPeople Consulting Ltd.

“The story-based training approach used in GlobalPeople@Work is very appealing and helpful for appreciating the impact of culture on day-to-day encounters in the professional world.”

Ann Marie Jakob, FHNW School of Engineering, Switzerland

I recommend this program to those who want to be a line manager or product manager. You get to know what leadership means and earn skills in how to deal with various types of subordinates.

Manager at a pharmaceutical company, Japan

Are you or your staff …

  • Dealing with global complexity and uncertainty?
  • Collaborating across borders of various kinds?
  • Experiencing misunderstandingings and problematic negotiations?
  • Seeking more innovation and creativity in your work?

Do you or your staff need …

  • To become more competent in working across cultures?
  • A scalable solution?
  • A design that employees can relate to and feel motivated by?

If so, then our GlobalPeople@Work e-learning course can help you.

Global People@Work is a highly engaging, case-based blended e-learning course for succeeding in the global workplace. It helps leaders, individual employees and members of diverse teams acquire Global Fitness – the personal qualities, knowledge and skills they need to function well in today’s uncertain world.

GlobalPeople@Work comprises three distinct self-learning e-Modules.

Module 1, Seeing Culture@Work helps participants understand how culture influences behaviour and communication practice in the workplace, explore the roots and impact of cultural differences, examine their own behaviour and test their own cultural assumptions, preferences and biases in the work context. (Approximate completion time: 1.5 hours*)

Module 2, Diverse Teams@Work focuses on how cultural differences may impact teamwork and communication in diverse and remote teams and guides participants through a range of strategies for successfully managing problems and increasing collaboration effectiveness in their own team settings. (Approximate completion time: 2.5 hours*)

Module 3, Global Leaders@Work is aimed at those who have leadership responsibilities across cultural boundaries and those who aspire to lead in such contexts. The module helps participants understand how culture influences the practice, perception and impact of leadership in the global context, reflect on their own and others’ leadership practice and learn strategies for flexing their leadership style to achieve better results. (Approximate completion time: 2.5 hours*)

* Exact completion time will vary according to people’s level of familiarity and extent of engagement with the activities.

Course design

Each module is built around one or more authentic case studies and incidents that illustrate the challenges that can occur when working in diverse contexts. The issues are further explored through interactive tasks and activities that explain and illustrate the impact of cultural factors and recommend ways of handling them. Explanations of key concepts are provided by an expert in the field. Each module ends with a quiz to check progress and understanding.

As our client, you can choose to enhance the potential of each module by opting for a follow-up, highly interactive webinar, where all participants have the opportunity to come together, explore their learning, answer their questions and, most importantly, practise new intercultural skills through practical group exercises in a supported environment.

For further information about the e-Course, the content of each module, the benefits it brings, and more, get in touch with us and ask for our brochure. To see a demo of Module 1, click here.

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