The Global Teamworking Profiler

Check how fit your team really is

How well is your team functioning? Do you have the feeling it could be doing better?

  • Is your team achieving its goals effectively? If not, do you know why not?
  • Do team members get on well together or are there tensions among them and you which hinder task and goal achievement?
  • If you’re a team leader, how confident are you in creating vision or dealing with ‘difficult’ individuals?

“Our team recently completed the GTP and have found the analysis extremely useful and insightful. Teamwork is crucial in every project we work on, so the feedback, highlighting what is working well and where improvements can be made, will benefit us all. I highly recommend the use of GlobalPeople Consulting’s GTP for any company looking to improve the way their international teams work together.”

Gera Solutions Limited
Our teamworking tool enables you to answer key questions like these. Here’s what one team found when using our Global Teamworking Profiler:

How the Global Teamworking Profiler (GTP) can help you

The Global Teamworking Profiler (GTP) provides you with all the information you need to understand the functioning of your team and plan any steps you need to take. It reveals your areas of strength and those aspects in need of attention, thereby helping you to take measures to ensure project success.

Drawing on the latest research into teamworking, it probes functioning at three levels:

  • Team member qualities
  • Team interaction
  • Team leadership and management

It focuses particularly on the processes of working together, from both task and relational perspectives, and covers multiple types of diversity (e.g. national, ethnic, age, gender, professional).

What do you get?

You receive a ‘big picture’ chart (like the one above) that enables you to see at a glance your areas of strength and weakness, along with a report giving more detailed explanations, interpretations and advice. Two examples are given below from one small team:

The report also provides an executive summary for follow-up purposes.

After receiving the report, the team takes part in follow-up coaching.

For more detailed information and to enquire about using the GTP, get in touch with us.

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