Profile — Dr Dan Spencer

Core application areas of expertise: Software development, data collection and analysis, science and research.

  • Utilising technology for data collection
  • Software design for data analysis and reporting
  • Communicating scientific and technical principles

As an undergraduate I studied for a BA and MSci in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. I specialised in Earth Sciences where I finished top of class, receiving numerous departmental and University awards. My interest in the Earth Sciences in large part stemmed from its application of rigorous scientific principles to real-world problems and the benefit of society, from enabling access to clean drinking water, to decoding natural hazards.

Upon completing my undergraduate degree in 2017, I undertook a PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford where I studied the physics of volcanic systems. Over the course of my PhD I became skilled in programming, scientific modelling, mathematics, and data analysis. I utilised these skills to write a series of academic papers, presenting models that have since been adopted by leading groups such as NASA’s Io Volcano Observer team. I have presented on my research in a number of international settings, including at conferences in San Francisco and Washington DC, and have given invited talks to groups at CalTech and NASA.

Having completed my PhD in Spring 2021, I accepted a role as an applied scientist at Sagentia Innovation — a consultancy that designs and creates science/tech products in the medical, energy, and consumer sectors. My expertise is in applying scientific principles, software design, and data analysis to product concepting, design, and development. At GPC I use these skills to run our data collection and analysis, turning raw data into business insight, as well as running our online systems and services.

To see a list of my publications, click here.