Profile — Dr Daniel Dauber

Core application areas of expertise: International management, Intercultural organisation behaviour, Organisational culture, Communication across cultures

  • Business Intelligence and Organisational Diagnostics
  • Majored in Accounting & Auditing as well as International Business 
  • Co-developer of a suite of innovative diagnostic profilers, including the Global Education Profiler and the Global Fitness Profiler

I conducted my doctoral thesis on ‘Hybridisation in Mergers and Acquisitions’ with three large national and international companies to analyse the main challenges companies face when trying to synergise business strategies, structures and operations while pursuing social integration. After finishing the doctoral program at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), I joined the Department for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick.

In recent years, I have primarily focused on internationalisation strategies in the Higher Education sector and their implications for universities’ social viability. With Helen Spencer-Oatey, I co-developed the Global Education Profiler (GEP) from a conceptual as well as methodological perspective. The GEP enables universities to assess soft KPIs to monitor, audit and change institutional strategies. This diagnostic tool has been successfully implemented in over 25 institutions worldwide.

To see a full list of my publications, please visit my University of Warwick page.